ZRRO – Android gaming done right, or just the next OUYA?

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Fact: mobile gaming is huge. Also fact: sometimes the convenience of playing games on a smartphone or tablet pales in comparison to playing on a console connected to a beautiful HDTV.

While you can connect a mobile device to play games on a big screen TV, the cord and inability to see where your fingers are can hamper enjoyment. Sure, some games require only simple taps, but there are many others that require precision and speed both.

Ouya is probably the best-known Android gaming console, but it’s seen it’s fair share of support and open criticism. One of the (many) problems Ouya has faced has revolved around gaming control. The company designed a controller and expected game developers to integrate it. Yeah.

But if you haven’t given up on Android gaming on the big screen, you’ll want to check out ZRRO. Sure, it’s another crowdfunded project, but the team behind it has a completely different angle to their product.

The ZRRO pad is a hover and touch controller that is supposed to work with all Android games, without putting the onus of compatibility on the game developers. The other half of ZRRO is the Android-based box that comes pre-loaded with the Android OS and Google Play. Plug it in, fire it up, link your account, and enjoy.

Similar to playing games on a smartphone, ZRRO supports the necessary multi-touch gestures of swipe, drag, touch, and pinch. But what’s different about this product is that you can look at the TV screen and see where your fingers are in relation to the game. It accurately tracks and mirrors finger positions from the pad to the TV.

Essentially, the experience is that of transforming any TV into a huge touchscreen, but keeping the control in users’ hands. But ZRRO isn’t just for gaming – it works for any app you would download from the Google Play store. You can stream audio and/or video from the same apps you have on your smartphone or tablet.

Although the ZRRO campaign on Kickstarter has funded past its halfway mark, it hasn’t done so without a slew of pointed questions of the team. It appears that backers are supporting ZRRO with equal parts hope and guarded skepticism. But after Ouya’s trainwreck of product execution, could you blame anyone for being careful?


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  • MadFerret9

    This might work if they replaced the touchpad on the Ouya controller with a multitouch pad like a phone.

    • Stanley Goodner

      That would definitely help the Ouya system out, for sure. If they were really awesome, they would offer to replace all Ouya users’ original remotes with better, upgraded ones.

      • MadFerret9

        yeah I think their kickstarter money is probably dried up by now though