Getting the shot with Izzi Remix lens iPhone case

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Izzi Remix

Izzi Remix iPhone 6 Lenses Case

With Izzi’s new Remix lens iPhone case you always have lenses to enhance your iPhone pictures immediately available. The five-in-one lenses fit over the iPhone camera lens for wide angle, macro, and telephoto pictures. It’s a simple solution to get more from your best camera—the iPhone that you always have with you. While picture quality is generally good, the case has a few issues.

As a photographer, I’m a big fan of the quality of photos from the iPhone 6 camera. Still, I can never get a decent zoomed photo. Zooming-in typically results in a grainy photo. On the other end of the spectrum, sometimes I can’t move back far enough to get everyone or everything in the shot. With the Izzi Remix, the camera lenses are right there on the case so you always have access to a 2x telephoto, an 165-degree ultra-wide angle, a 170-degree fish-eye and polarizer, and a 13x Macro lens with a 13mm focus distance.

The case has the added benefit of being easy to remove. The included inner clear plastic case protects the edges and back of the phone from scratches when attaching or removing the Izzi Remix that is made of aircraft aluminum. The case has a large opening on the back that makes it easy to take it off, and put it on when you need it. It’s sturdy and comes with lens covers so the case can be thrown in a purse or bag when you want to shoot photos without lenses or if you prefer a lighter, smaller phone case.

The lenses are attached to the case in a rotating triad that is reminiscent of old home movie cameras. “Peripheral Motion Lock Technology” helps each lens click into place and stay over the iPhone camera. Changing the lens is as quick as turning and clicking the next lens into place. Using the macro lens, however, requires that you unscrew the ultra wide angle lens. The ultra wide angle lens was stuck on my case and I needed to use pliers to initially remove the lens (Izzi assured me that this is uncommon). Still, this all-in-one design makes it much more convenient to shoot with enhanced lenses than other solutions where each separate lens must be dug out of your pocket or purse and put on the phone.

The picture quality is very good—as good as when I shot with iPhone 6. Photos are bright and clear. Still, I have a couple of issues with Izzi Remix. There is little difference in the field of view (how much you can get into the shot) between the ultra-wide angle lens and the fisheye lens. While the fisheye has a lot of distortion in its round format, the ultra-wide also distorts vertical lines along the edges of the frame. I would have preferred a simple wide angle that was more than the 60 degree angle of the iPhone’s own lens. Usually, I cropped the wide angle photo, removing part, but not all, of the distortion.

The iPhone’s flash must be turned off when the Izzi remix is attached. The flash will cause a purple halo around the edges of the picture. In other words, the Izzi isn’t suitable for very low-light photography.

For artsy closeups, the 13x macro lens could get a photo of the smile on a fly (if flies smiled, and if you could get it to stay still while you get that close). The depth-of-field (the area ofIzziRemixMacro the photo that is in focus) is extremely shallow. It’s so shallow that it would focus on only a small section of a tiny clover leaf. The lens had to be pressed up against what I was shooting. It’s fun to do artsy shots with the macro—in the way it would be fun to shoot with a microscope— but I would have preferred a 7x macro lens that took photos that could be identified as part of a flower, a stamp, etc.

Despite my minor complaints, the Izzi Remix is an excellent way to have extra iPhone lenses quickly available. If you really want to have fun with iPhone photography and don’t mind having a heavy case (and minimal protection when the case is off the phone), it’s a great solution and comes in a variety of colors. If you want to use the lenses for video, Izzi has a number of other accessories for steady-cam, dollying and more.

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