An ode & a review of “Solo Stick” by the Millennial who won’t get off your lawn

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solobluenew3__49703.1421899336.560.400Ah, the #selfie. If there’s a more culturally relevant Millennial invention, I have yet to find it. The selfie changed the game, down to the very fundamentals of humanity.

CES 2015 was the land of bifurcated tech gurus. One half patrolled the show floor with a selfie stick taking awesome, wide-angle shots of themselves in front of the newest and coolest products, and the other half pointed and called them stupid while they begged passersby to take a photo of them standing by a drone. #WhosStupidNow

I recently became a proud member of the Selfie Stick community, having fallen into possession of a Solo Stick. This particular model is a Bluetooth connected stick that grips the phone with an easy-to-use clamp. You simply turn it on, slide in your phone, and start taking photos. The shutter button is located on the stick’s handle for easy photo snapping.

So let me get into my experience:

I opened the mail package and, upon realizing what was enclosed, immediately took off around the office like a boomerang. I think my co-workers would describe me as a hybrid between a cheetah and that four year old boy everyone comes across in Disneyland– the one with volume control problems and discipline issues. That’s me with this selfie stick. I have never been so excited in my life. Here’s a small sample of the photos that resulted in the following hours days.


My love for this device knows no bounds, and I’m barely sorry about it. In fact, I faux apologize about it to people who are too close-minded to understand the majesty of the selfie stick just to get them to shut up about capitalist manufactured narcissism so I can go back to taking selfies.


Now f*k off so I can take more pictures of myself. I’m losing daylight.

Now that I’ve clogged this review up with exactly the kind of shameless self-promotion the non-believers are against, let’s get into the specifics of the Solo Stick.


The Solo Stick is Bluetooth connected which means it must be charged. But fear not, the battery has lasted days without a recharge. It’s extremely easy to click your phone into the rubber-padded clamp so setup in nearly nonexistent. The stick itself comes in blue, pink, or black, and extends 36 inches– enough for any group or landscape shot.

Regardless of how you feel about selfie culture itself, this device is useful for everyone. Yes, even the 45-year-old uncle who thinks Millennials will be the death of this country. Even though it’s called a “selfie” stick, the stick is really best for group shots and the like. A vacation with your S.O. is not complete without a few shots of you lovebirds in front of a sunset over the landscape, and the last thing you want to do is waste your 12 minutes of twilight asking random other tourists to stop what they’re doing and take a photo for you, and then take another one because, so sorry, you blinked.

The [easyazon-link asin=”B00QGAH7MW” locale=”us”]Solo Stick is available on amazon for $44.99[/easyazon-link].

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  • alicepattinson

    I do really love to see group of friends taking selfie using a Selfie Stick Pro. :)