Asus caters to camera pros and selfie maniacs with ZenFlash and LolliFlash

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asus_zenflash_lolliflashTo no one’s surprise, Asus launched the highly anticipated Zenfone 2 in its homeland, pricing it very sensibly, even in a 4 GB RAM configuration. The unexpected parts of the recent Taiwan introduction event were two never-before-seen camera accessories headed to stores in a matter of weeks.

As the name suggests, the ZenFlash is essentially a flash dongle for Zenfones. Granted, Asus hesitated to spell out compatibility for the quirky thing, but we don’t see it targeting Samsung Galaxy users or iFans anytime soon.

What’s so special about it then? Well, given it’s a Xenon flash concoction, it’s roughly 400 times brighter than your typical LED flash slapped on the rear of most Androids these days. Even flagships. Needless to point out just how much the ZenFlash can improve low-lighting camera performance. And it’s seamlessly attachable via USB OTG.

Meanwhile, the oddly named LolliFlash is a lollipop-styled selfie-friendly “torch”. It easily plugs into your handheld’s headphone jack, and goes head-to-head with Lenovo’s Vibe Extension trying to (literally) light up your self-portraits.

This one’s unlikely to be limited to Asus phones, but it’s nowhere near as impressive as the ZenFlash, with dual-tone LED taking Xenon’s place. On the bright side (pun intended), it carries a dedicated battery, and once on, it stays lit until you say stop, letting you snap dozens of selfies in a row.

No words on pricing for either product, but they can’t be bank-breakers. They’re basic smartphone accessories, after all.

Via [Engadget]

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