Bugception: Android 5.1.1 in the works already, likely aiming to fix 5.1 glitches

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Android-5.1It’s not a dream within a dream, but a bug-fixing software update within a stability-increasing Android build. Christopher Nolan would be mighty proud.

No, unfortunately Android 5.1 Lollipop didn’t fully mend the pesky malfunctions introduced by 5.0, so it’s only natural Google tried again with a 5.1.1 version. This sounds like it’ll bring even less new features to the table than 5.1, possibly none whatsoever. Just a solution to memory bleeds. Probably. Hopefully.

It’d of course be nice if the search giant concluded the 5.1 rollout for its entire Nexus lineup before doling out .1.1 source code. Unless maybe some of you purists are due straight for OTA bumps to the next OS iteration.

For the record, the existence of a smoother, more stable firmware is corroborated by Android SDK Manager evidence, so all Big G has left to do is iron out whatever final kinks haven’t been handled as of now, and subsequently give 5.1.1 the green-light. That should take a few days, a week tops… if no new snags enter the picture.

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  • ronald

    Bring it! Although I’m not exactly sure if my Nexus 5 has a memory leak…but what I do know is that prior to 5.1,when i would swipe all my recent apps away there were some that would still be there once I closed it out (by taping the back button). So when I’d go back to RECENT to make sure there were no apps running sure as shit I’d always find either ANDROID SYSTEM,HANGOUTS,etc.,showing their ugly faces! Is that the “memory-leak” people are referring to? I’d appreciate any feedback in regards to this question…and I thank you in advance!

    • Syndrome666

      Partially yes, but that’s not the memory leak that everyone’s referring to. I had that problem on nexus 6 as well until 5.1. Memory leak that they’re talking about is coming from cached data not clearing out on its own when you close a system or an app process. Some use more RAM than others and more often then not this data retains and clogs up RAM until it eventually runs our of space, causing the device to crash, either by freezing, rebooting, boot looping, or rebooting to recovery. So if you experience(d) this type of behavior on your nexus 5, head over to settings/storage/cached data. You may see as much as over a GB of cached data built up, that’s not acceptable and needs to be cleared for your device to function smoothly without hiccups. To clear the cached data, simply press on it and got OK on the pop up when it warns you that all your cached data will be cleared. Then reboot your device to clear your device’s RAM.