Want the best headphones ever? Here’s your chance to make it happen

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Let’s face it. There are a lot, and I mean a lot, of personal audio products out there to choose from. Many people don’t really care too much and simply pick anything that looks and sounds OK. But then you have the rest, who look for that perfect headphone. It has to look right, feel right, sound right, and, most importantly, have the features to make it truly exceptional.

While there are many top contenders of headphones, categorized by style (in/on/over ear), connectivity (wired/wireless/both), and price, complete satisfaction may not be guaranteed. Close enough doesn’t always mean good enough.

Do you think you know what the best headphones should be? Have some ideas for the future of headphones and need an ear to listen? Well Harman, known in audiophile circles for Harmon/Kardon products, has partnered up with Quirky to figure out the future of headphones. So here’s your chance to show the world your vision.

This is an invention challenge. What more could, nay should, headphones do for their users? What can be done differently? How can they be smarter by making the best use of current technology and connectivity?

Everyone has until April 21st to submit their idea to Quirky, and the top submissions will be evaluated live on Wednesday, April 29th on the ET channel. Be sure to brush up on Quirky’s guidelines for submitting. So what are you waiting for? Your idea could be Harman’s next big thing!

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