Actionproof Bumper for Apple Watch now available to pre-order

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If you haven’t already pre-ordered your Apple Watch, what are you waiting for? The gates are open, and if you’re been hemming and hawing all this time, you might as well pull the trigger and go for it. Pioneer with the Apple Watch just as the first iPod, first iPhone and first iPad. But if it’s choice of which Apple Watch that is giving you pause, check out this short article to help you sort the right decision for you.

actionproof bumper case apple watchNow what good is a shiny new Apple Watch without accessories? While you’re waiting for yours to ship, you can pick up The Bumper case, which is also available for pre-order.

It’s not really a “case”, and it’s certainly not a “cover”. The Bumper by Actionproof wraps around the Apple Watch to protect all the corners while providing full access to everything else. The company mentions sports and outdoor activities, but I think the Bumper would be an excellent accessory for anyone regardless of lifestyle.

I know I’ve dinged up my fair share of watches from accidental hits against furniture, desks, etc. You’ll want to keep your fine Apple Watch in pristine condition, and the Bumper by Actionproof combines the best of design and function.

So what are you waiting for? Pre-orders for the Bumper are open right now with shipping expected this July 2015. Go for it!

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