Max mobile, tablet, smartphone productivity with the Jorno keyboard

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So I just dusted off my desktop PC the other day, because cleaning. Yup, it’s seen that much disuse, especially since I no longer have the time like I used to in my hardcore gaming days. But even if I did have the time, I’m not sure that I would go back. Mobile devices are just so much more.. freeing.

A simple tablet with the right accessories trumps even a laptop in most situations. And there are a ton of great gadgets to choose from, too. But if you want to make sure you max out productivity potential on your tablet, phablet, or smartphone, a separate keyboard is what you need.

Jorno bluetooth keyboard open The Jorno keyboard provides everything we love about mobile accessories – it’s compact, it’s stylish, and it doesn’t sacrifice much compared to a standard device. The Jorno keyboard is compatible with iOS, Android, or anything with Bluetooth connectivity. It features a tri-fold design that is easy to carry, and it maintains a slim profile when deployed.

When open, the Jorno keyboard is only 10 percent smaller than a standard keyboard. Unlike many other compact, folding keyboards out there, your fingers won’t feel cramped while you’re trying to stay productive. Not only that, but all the keys maintain uniform spacing from each other, even around the hinged areas.

The protective case that comes with the Jorno keyboard doubles as an adjustable device stand for your tablet or smartphone for perfect viewing. With a keyboard like this, it’s an easy decision to retire that old laptop.

You can get the Jorno keyboard right now for an introductory price of $79.99 after discount at Use the discount code “JORNO” (once you start the checkout process), but be quick since this offer is good only for a limited time!

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