Waiting for the Surface Pro 4? Tip points to mid-May reveal

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You’ve got to hand it to Microsoft for improving their Surface Pro line over the years, and generating huge buzz and excitement. Those eagerly waiting for information about the anticipated Surface Pro 4 may only have a couple weeks left. At least that’s what a secret source has indicated.

microsoft surface pro 3Slashgear reports having received an anonymous tip pointing to a mid-May reveal for the Surface Pro 4. The timing sounds about right for the next-generation device, as the Surface Pro 3 was announced last year in mid-May. It shouldn’t really be a big surprise, considering the recent leaks surrounding Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4.

Besides, why wouldn’t Microsoft keep up with another generation of the Surface Pro, especially after the quick release of the Surface Pro 3 after its predecessor.

According to Slashgear, we can expect the Surface Pro 4 to pack: a 12-inch 2160×1440 display, a 5th gen Intel (Broadwell)  Core i-series CPU, a 3rd generation docking station, and a new generation of Surface Pen.

The tip also mentioned the Surface Pro 4 keeping the vent holes from previous models, but going fanless. The internal battery may be physically smaller, but likely to retain the same or more capacity.

There is enough time for more information to announced and/or confirmed by Microsoft, so we can look forward to hearing more within the next few weeks.

<Source: slashgear>

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