Amazon envisions instant-gratification UAV delivery, right in your hands

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Although a significant portion of drone use relates to hobbyists and play, the application of drones for work and business purposes is quickly gaining traction. Just the other day, I witnessed a roofing contractor flying an aerial drone to take photos for a re-roof estimate.

Upon asking him about it, he replied that the drones take roof photos a person can’t otherwise. It also lets him do his job without climbing the roof, which always has inherent dangers involved.

But forget roofing. Amazon is looking to provide a “Bring It To Me” delivery option in the near future. By paying a bit more (you know you’ll have to pay more for the convenience), users can have products delivered right to their current location, likely via GPS and mobile positioning data.

amazon prime air UAV drone bring it to meAs you may remember from a little over a year ago, Amazon had started the process of being able to deliver packages via UAV. And just a couple months ago Amazon received permission from the FAA to begin testing this Prime Air service with delivery drones. And if you take a look at this recently publicly-made document from the US Patent & Trademark Office, you can see how the company wants to take drone delivery one step further.

Imagine being out at a campground when a mishap makes a disaster of your shabby, old air mattress. So long as you have cell coverage and pinpoint GPS location, you can order yourself a comfortable new sleeping arrangement within the hour. Or maybe you’re working on a construction site and need a critical tool immediately. Or maybe you’d simply like to enjoy the novelty of hanging out in a backyard with friends, just to have a surprise (to them) delivery of a wicked-cool new beer bottle opener. How cool is that?

There’s still a lot more testing and verification to be performed before any of us see Amazon’s Prime Air take off. But when it does, you know I’ll be ready for that Bring It To Me purchase.

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