Samsung decides round is in, because Apple did it first

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Gawd, these two companies must be ready to get down and make love with all the pairing up and imitation/flattery going on. But, hey, at least consumers win out with better design.

Possible samsung next gear smartwatch design

Likely a placeholder or mockup image

In the latest smartwatch news, Samsung appears to be working on a round watch dubbed The Next Gear. There isn’t much information beyond the name, that it will run Samsung’s Tizen OS, a 1.8-inch 360×360 display, GPS, a variety of sensors (accelerometer, heartbeat, pressure, gyroscope), and a few other features you’d expect to come standard in a Samsung product.

The biggest hurdle for the Next Gear to compete with existing smartwatches is likely to be the Tizen platform, since Samsung will have to woo developers to start cranking out apps.

But the most notable feature of this circular smartwatch is the “rotating bezel” around the screen face. If it sounds similar to the Apple Watch’s Digital Crown, it’s because it is. If it sounds a lot like the rotating bezel on many non-smart sport watches, it’s because it’s that, too.

samsung next gear watch zoon

It makes one wonder why smartwatch companies are going in such a roundabout way to implement excellent design aspects of quality watches that have been around for decades.

So what’s this rotating bezel on Samsung Next Gear good for? It’s likely to let users adjust volume, cycle through apps, zoom in and out, and probably a lot more. The major benefit is having control without blocking the screen for touch interaction.

samsung next gear smartwatch rotating bezel

<Source: theverge>

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