8 waterproof gadgets for your summer pool parties

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Memorial Day was this past weekend so as far as I’m concerned it’s officially summer, especially since my friend’s pool finally opened up. Thus, I’m gathering up my swimsuits from the basement and investing in a couple $1 beach towels (Ninja Turtles themed obviously). In fact, I already invited myself over this weekend for a pool party/BBQ in celebration of summer’s long-awaited arrival. But, what’s a good pool party without beats to keep your party going and tech accessories to keep your existing gadgets safe?

So, to help you turn your pool party into a pool rager, I’ve assembled 8 waterproof gadgets to cover all your bases.

1) Exogear ECOXBT waterproof speaker:

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 10.05.38 AM

The ECOXBT is a conveniently-sized portable Bluetooth speaker that uses a Lithium Ion Battery for 12 hours of playtime. Plus, it’s shock resistant and it floats so it’s ready for whatever you can throw at it. It also features a built-in speaker phone in case your pool party is in desperate need of a pizza delivery. It comes in three colors and retails for $129.99.

2) Monster SuperStar BackFloat waterproof speaker:

maxresdefault (2)

In the same convenient portability as the ECOXBT comes the Backfloat speaker. I have a special place in my heart for this product because I was there when Monster launched it in collaboration with Shaq at this year’s past CES in Las Vegas. It also floats and it makes audio a priority. It comes in two colors and retails for $149.95.

3) Swimbuds waterproof headphones:


Sometimes the pool is a good opportunity for some exercise – not for me, but for those of you that actually enjoy physical activity. However, I can’t workout without music so why should your swim be any different? These earbuds are waterproof and feature a convenient design for those looking to avoid an annoying cord.

4) Samsung Galaxy S5:


For those who have a habit of jumping into the pool with their smartphones still in their pocket, this product might save you a lot of money and inconvenience in the long run. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is water resistant, so it can keep up with your spontaneous lifestyle.

5) Loksak Drybag:


If your phone is not waterproof, but you can’t stand to be away from it for the entirety of a pool party, the Loksak has you covered. It’s a waterproof bag that can keep your phone safe. Plus, it’s translucent so you don’t miss any notifications.

6) Garmin Swim Watch:


Another fun gadget for the pool fitness enthusiasts. This smartwatch records swim distsance, pace stroke and count, as well as pool lengths. It then utilizes Garmin Connect to analyse your workout. It features a twelve month battery life, so it will definitely make it through your summer fitness goals.

7) JOOS Solar Orange Portable Charger:


Few things can kill a party faster than a lack of music, but not everyone remembers to charge their bluetooth speaker the night before. Thus the JOOS Orange Portable Charger can be the hero in a precarious situation.

8) Waterproof Kobo Aura H20:


Your idea of a perfect pool party might entail catching up on your backlog of e-books. If that’s the case, don’t risk ruining your tablet, and instead check out this waterproof e-reader.

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