Finally. A selfie-stick for non-narcissists/-psychopaths

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Considering the overwhelming backlash and criticism of “selfie sticks”, it takes a set of cojones to market a new product with such striking resemblance and overlapping use. Coachella made a point to ban selfie sticks and narcissists at their 2015 show. But “totems” and “stuffed animals” were also listed as prohibited, so I’m not sure how serious to take them.

Either way, IK Multimedia has provided a boost to dignity and overall utility with the latest multifunction smartphone stand. The IK Multimedia iKlip Grip packs four uses that’s good for beginners and professionals alike. It can be set up as a smartphone stand, a tripod adapter, a handle/stabilizer for video recording, and, of course, a monopod/selfie stick with Bluetooth shutter capability.

IK Multimedia iklip grip tripodThe compact iKlip Grip features a spring-loaded bracket that expands wide enough to fit even large smartphones such as the Apple iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Unlike your typical selfie stick that gets stuffed into a drawer when not in use, the iKlip Grip can be used as a desktop smartphone stand. The contoured handle splits open like a tripod while the ball-joint attachment provides perfect positioning.

One can get much work done with the iKlip Grip in handheld form, but sometimes you just need extra reach and/or height. The included telescoping detachable tube does just that. Capture video/audio from your mobile device attached to the very end of the iKlip Grip, as you might with a selfie stick. Or use it as an adapter with your standard-size tripod for added stability and professionalism.

Plus, it comes with a Bluetooth shutter remote control that’s compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

The iKlip Grip is available now for $59.99. Visit the IKMultimedia website for additional photos (especially the selfie-stick ones). This is a great gadget for anyone who creates, records, or even podcasts content.

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