Xiaomi Mi Store ready for US and European launches with accessories in tow

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Xiaomi power bankThough merely founded half a decade ago, Xiaomi has quickly gained a reputation as one of the mobile décor’s fastest risers. The world’s third largest smartphone distributor, according to some market analysts, a solid top ten contender, based on other research, the Mi Note and Mi Note Pro architects rose to fame chiefly on thriving domestic popularity.

But you can only achieve so much in China, which is why Xiaomi is at last gathering the courage to directly go after Western audiences. No third-party sellers, resellers or importers involved. Starting June 1, anyone in the US and Germany will be able to easily procure a slew of the company’s uber-affordable gear, with UK and France following suit the very next day.

Alas, the online “Mi Stores” set to go live in these four countries by Tuesday shall squarely put accessories up for grabs off the bat. Specifically, a duo of $10/$14 power banks with 5,000 and 10,400 mAh capacity respectively, a $15 Mi Band activity tracker and a pair of surprisingly premium $80 Mi Headphones.

It’s a start, we guess, just nowhere near as impressive as Xiaomi deserves. For Pete’s sake, have you seen the Quad HD, 7 mm slim, Snapdragon 810/4 GB RAM-packing 5.7-inch Mi Note Pro? Talk about a Samsung Galaxy S6 killer if ever there was one.

Oh, well, guess we’ll have to play the waiting game and hope the external chargers, fitness band and headphones prove sufficiently popular in the US, UK, Germany and France to justify Western Mi Store expansions.

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