Samsung thinks we need transparent OLED display panels

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Have you ever been watching television thinking, “wouldn’t it be great to simultaneously see what’s going on behind my screen?” For all you know, your cat is doing something adorable and you’re missing it! Samsung Display might be able to help in this quandary since the company has unveiled the first mirrored and transparent OLED display panels. Granted, they’re for commercial use, so the company’s priority is probably not your strange cat’s antics, but that’s where my mind first.


Instead, Samsung is aiming to enhance the shopper’s experience. According to a press release, the intention is to make the “consumer purchasing experience more visually engaging.” Because sometimes, it’s just not enough to see a product in person. I guess? Samsung hopes this technology will act as a “virtual fitting room” which sounds relatively creepy to me, but I guess if seeing is believing for some customers, this might be the technology that results in a purchase. So, instead of going through the guessing of whether or not an outfit or piece or jewelry is working for you, a customer can just use the augmented reality within these transparent OLED display panels to see for themselves.

In terms of applications for the home, the company believes the Samsung Mirror Display could potentially replace home mirrors in the future, in case you need a robot to tell you what to wear every morning. I might mock the system, but I do end up standing in my towel for a solid eight minutes every morning just staring at my own closet in bewilderment. Sometimes too many choices is a bad thing, you know?

But while I wouldn’t really make the jump to augmented reality to help me get dressed in the morning, others might see this technology as helpful. What do you think?

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