Want custom sound? Ditch equalizer apps, pick up Torque headphones

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To some, headphones or pairs of earbuds are just that. They’re things one puts on to direct music into ears. But, to me, that’s like saying a fast-food ‘burger’ is just as good as anything a master chef can whip up, since it’s just food that goes in the mouth. If you want a real burger, you’re going to skip the chains (especially ones that have a drive-through). And if you really love your music, you’re going to pony up for a quality listening device.

Many headphones and earbuds have sound signatures that are better for some music than others. And if you like to listen to a wide variety, you might come across the conundrum of owning multiple pairs to mix and match. Double that if you engage in physical activity while listening (e.g. earbuds are easier to run/jog with than over-/on-ear headphones).

torque audio headphone

But what if you could own just one set that was able to handle all music types? Yes, without an equalizer app. If this kind of custom sound interests you, then be ready to marvel at what Torque Audio has just launched.

torque audio headphone sound

While some other companies may focus on customizing the look of headphones, Torque Audio focuses on acoustics. Each of the three headphones feature a unique system to match sound with the genre of music you want to listen to. Their flagship headphone, the t402v, provides eight options to choose from.

The ear pads are magnetically attached, and the bass levels can be adjusted by the pads’ orientation. Each of the four positions are color-coded for easy switching. Since the Torque Audio t402v headphone comes with both on-ear and over-ear pads (this alone makes a difference in sound), that’s how one gets the eight separate signatures.

torque audio headphone earbud kickstarterThose who prefer earbuds should check out the Torque Audio t096z, with its six interchangeable TorqueValves. Simply swap in the ones to fit your music type and you’re good to go. These TorqueValves are also color-coded and come with valets to keep them organized when not in use. Plus, you get a handy recommendation icons so you know which is good for what.

Both the Torque Audio t402v headphone and t096z earbud use proprietary bio-cell drivers to maintain a super-high quality of sound. Toss in premium materials and construction quality, and you’ve got some must-have listening devices. And with the way you can tune them to fit your music, you’ll only need one (although you might want one of each).

Hit up Torque Audio’s website for their blog and history of reviews – they’ve been drumming up some excitement for some time. Otherwise, don’t miss out on the Torque Audio Kickstarter campaign! Get in and get yours! Shipping is expected later this year (estimated October).

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