Ready & available for summer? Braven’s rugged, modular BRV-PRO speaker is

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Braven had quite the lineup of speakers to showcase at CES 2015, but the one that drew the most attention was probably the Braven BRV-PRO. And just in time for summer, the BRV-PRO is now available to order on Braven’s website.

braven-brv-pro-slider-rockclimbIf a plain, ordinary speaker is your thing, then the Braven BRV-PRO is probably more than you can handle. But if you’re ready to take on the wild outdoors and want an audio system to play the soundtrack of your adventure, this speaker is a must-have.

The BRV-PRO features the dependable, rugged durability of Braven’s outdoor product line that we’ve grown to know and love. Seriously, it’s built like a tank. Forget about only bringing this speaker in the shower (it’s certainly good for that, too). The BRV-PRO is ready to take on rocks, cliffs dirt hills, sandy beaches, and anywhere else a standard speaker would faint at visiting.

If the IPX7 waterproof rating, along with the aluminum-fortified tough exterior, isn’t enough for your sense of awesome, Braven offers an ecosystem of accessories specifically for the BRV-PRO. Double your hours of music playback – from 15 to 30 – with the BRV-PRO battery pack. It also works in a pinch to charge external devices like cameras or smartphones. Think you’ll be spending a lot of time in the sun? Go for the BRV-PRO solar panel to make the most of solar energy and recharge.

Two is better than one, and three and four make it a raucous party. The BRV-PRO stacking plate lets you connect multiple speakers to amplify the volume to your heart’s content. And last, but not least, we can’t forget the action mount so you can attach the BRV-PRO to your ride of choice.

The Braven BRV-PRO speaker is available now in black/red or silver/black.

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