Ultimate Ears ditches speaker mold, launches the UE Roll

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It’s crazy how there are so many speakers out there, yet manufacturers continually find new ways to surprise and delight. And when it comes to bold colors and sound to match, who better to do so than Ultimate Ears?

The company, known for the UE Boom and UE Megaboom, has just announced the availability of their latest speaker, the UE Roll. Is it a disc? A pancake? Well whatever shape speaker it is, the UE Roll makes no compromises for power and performance.

Just as with the UE Boom and UE Megaboom, the UE Roll delivers sound that’s bigger than the hardware. The flat, circular design projects music in a 360 degree spread wherever you go. And to make sure that the UE Roll is never left behind, it also features a unique bungee cord to let users strap and attach it to gear.


UE ROLL Family

Outdoor adventure? No problem. The UE Roll is IPX7 waterproof, making it a great companion for fun in lakes, hot tubs, summer rains, or muddy trails. Not only is the body waterproof and dirt-proof, but it has waterproof connectors in case someone forgets to close the door covering the ports. That’s what they call life-resistant.

The UE Roll boasts a 65-foot wireless range, double that of the standard Bluetooth, as well as 9 hours of audio per charge. And with the UE Roll app (available for iOS and Android), users can pair multiple Ultimate Ears speakers together for more sound. On top of that, the app has an alarm feature, custom sound tuning, and provides the ability to remotely turn the UE Roll on or off.

And the best part is that the UE Roll will only set you back $99. Plus, it comes in a variety of awesome colors, so visit the Ultimate Ears website and check them all out!

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