Huawei-made Nexus smartphone ‘confirmed’ by unnamed OEM employee

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Huawei-NexusIt’s never wise to have certainties regarding Google’s unconfirmed future plans, with the search giant constantly looking to throw curve balls and often working on many different projects at once. Every year, some materialize, while others don’t, making the jobs of industry tipsters and leaksters virtually impossible.

Just think back to the Android Silver program, which never came to be, or Google Play Edition phones, surfaced out of nowhere and then canceled all of a sudden. Not to mention the elusive sequel(s) of the only Nexus 10 tablet to date, or the third-gen N7 expected for two years now.

Bottom line, we urge you to treat rumors vis-à-vis a pair of new Nexus handhelds on the horizon in 2015 with maximum caution and a stocked salt shaker nearby. They say LG will be brought back into the fold for an N5 follow-up, while rookie Huawei should get the tricky task of revamping Motorola’s N6.

Mind you, a two-part Nexus phone release within a few months would be a first for the pure Google-powered hardware franchise, but the once outlandish theory gains more and more traction by the day.

The freshest source adding to the story’s credibility is cited as an UK-based Huawei worker by International Business Times, a publication that rarely green-lights unfounded gossip pieces. Ergo, while nothing’s certain or final until Google says so, chances are this is the plan at the moment.

No new details on the prospective specs of the Huawei-produced Nexus, previously tipped to feature a 5.7-inch Quad HD display, octa-core Snapdragon 810 processor and 3 GB RAM. Interested?

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