The first Quad HD Microsoft Lumia (940 XL?) is just about confirmed

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Lumia 940 conceptTo make sure they do Nokia’s memory justice, and don’t harm the Lumia brand’s global awareness and popularity any further, Microsoft has very meticulously prepared its solo high-end smartphone debut.

This will reportedly coincide with the introduction of Windows 10 Mobile, the extremely promising sequel for the underwhelming Windows Phone 8 and 8.1, and rumor is we’ll be seeing a pair of Lumia flagships roll out almost simultaneously.

One of these two has been recently logged in AdDuplex’s dependable platform trackers, and at least in testing, the RM-1100 seems to be sporting a display with 2,560 x 1,440 pixels. That’s commonly referred to as Quad HD, or 2K resolution, and so far, Redmond has eluded making the jump from 1,920 x 1,080, i.e. Full HD res.

We’re looking at a big breakthrough for the “ecosystem” therefore, even if by fall, when this presumed Lumia 940 XL will likely drop, QHD should become the norm rather than the exception for top-tier Android rivals.

Now, the screen diagonal remains somewhat up in the air, although if it’s indeed the 940 XL, previous speculation pegged that at around 5.7 inches. Not very much into phablets? A more “pocketable” Lumia 940 variant is also in the works, with a 5.2-inch panel capable of Full or perhaps Quad HD content. This may or may not be the RM-1104/RM-1105 traced by AdDuplex in pre-production evaluation.

Via [WM Power User]

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  • lubba

    Scary to think what if these will be the last of wp devices?