Future Moto ROKR in the works?

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Moto RokrWe all want to believe that the Cingular distributed, Motorola ROKR, was a last minute cover for a delayed product.

The Moto E1 (also known as the ROKR), the first phone that paired itunes with a mobile cell phone, has been a major disappointment. From the ugly, clunky design to the 100-song limit, this phone does not does remind you of any recent Motorola products and especially not a product that involved Steve Jobs.

BusinessWeek has learned that Motorola and Cingular are planning to release an updated/new version of the ROKR in Q1 of 2006. Expect this phone to be sleek, hold more music, and actually begin to define the consumer transition from MP3 player and phones to, MP3 phones.

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