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Norton GhostNorton Ghost is a great solution for people looking to back-up their pc. is currently offering this $69.99 product for free, after mail-in rebates.

Key features include:

  • Backs up everything on your computer—digital music, photos, financial documents, applications, settings, operating system, etc.—in one easy step.
  • Recovers your system and data even when you can’t restart your operating system.
  • Makes incremental backups to maximize space and save time.
  • Makes backups on the fly, without restarting your system.
  • Backs up to almost any media, including CDR/RW and DVD+-R/RW drives, external hard-drives, and Zip and Jaz drives.
  • Automatically creates an initial backup schedule based on your computer’s configuration.
  • Automatically detects storage devices, analyzes your system, and offers “practice” backup advice during installation.
  • Triggers backups on key events, like new program installations or user logins.
  • Creates new backups on demand with One Button “Backup Up Now”
  • Encrypts backups to help keep them secure.

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