1.6 TB Disks From Maxell

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Maxell 1.6 TB disks Well it always seems to happen when there is a format war…while the major formats fight it out future technologies come along. Maxell has announced 5.25 inch holographic disks that can store 1.6 TB of information with transfer speeds of 120 Mbs, putting Blu-ray and HD-DVD to shame. While I am sure this is extremely far out, besides expensive, it is amazing to see this technology emerge now.

So how much is 1.6 TB? 53 high-def DVDs, .5 million 300 pages books, 1/20 of the Library of Congress…

First generation disks are due in late 2006 and are expected to be 300 GB with transfer speeds of 20 Mbs, with a price of $$$$.

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