Unwanted Gift Card? Trade it!

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Gift CardsGet stuck with a gift card for clothing for Christmas or Chanukah when you want to go gadget shopping at Best Buy? The New York Times has an article that discusses various websites that set you up to trade this cards. “Gift cards are expected to be among this season’s most popular presents, generating about $18.48 billion in sales during the holidays this year, up 6.6 percent from 2004, according to a National Retail Federation study.” And 8.5% of those cards go left unspent.

Cards have popped up on eBay and Craigslist, but also on new sites such as and

Buying and selling gift cards comes at a cost/benefit as cards are typically sold for 10-30% above or below their given value.

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  • kellimom

    The best site to go to is : you trade w/ them so you don't have to wait! Best of all, this site donates money to my favorite animal shelter. They donate some of their proceeds to EXTREMELY worthy causes. Why give another site you money? Check them out, they also do buy, sell, list, donate gift cards.

  • GiftCardBlogger

    Trade or exchange your unwanted gift cards at You can also sell your gift cards for up to 80% cash and get paid fast through paypal. All transactions are guaranteed.