Speakers that are made to compliment your Plasma TV

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Niles Audio PHDNiles Audio has announced three models of their Plasma High Definition (PHD) wall mount speakers, the PHD30, PHD42, and PHD60. The speakers are designed “to accentuate the look of plasma and flat panel displays.” If you’re tired of having bulky speakers sitting next to your sleek Plasma TV, you’ve got to give these a try. All three PHD models can be installed as either main, center, or surround channel speakers in your home theater system… of if you’re really boring, they can be installed as simple stereo speakers.

According to Niles, the model numbers are organized to fit the size screen that they go best with. For example, if you’ve got a 30 inch Plasma TV, you’re going to want to get the PHD30 speakers so it looks at nice and tidy. The speakers are going to run you around $1000 each.

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