Top Products at 2006 CES

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Well now that I have had a few days to recover after the long week in Vegas I wanted to drop a little re-cap of the show and my opinion of the best products I witnessed:

The show was HUGE! I could not have been prepared for just how big the convention center is plus the satellite booths at other hotels and locations. The highlight of the show for me were the keynote presentations, specifically by Bill Gates and Howard Stringer (Larry Page’s was good but did not contain much depth). It was great to finally see some physical products after much vaporware the past two years, especially Blu-ray and HD-DVD players and demos. 1080p TV’s look great and will go very nicely along with next generation optical discs, PS3, and next generation sound (dts-HD and Dolby TrueHD).

And now some awards:

  1. Best Booth – Sony Electronics
  2. Best CES Product – Pioneer Inno
  3. Best MP3/DMP – Toshiba Gigabeat S
  4. Nicest Next Gen Disc Player – Tie: Sony BDP-S1 &Toshiba HD-XA1
  5. The product I want most in my living room – Panasonic 103″ Plasma TV
  6. Best emergent technology – Philips Entertaible touch screen board game
  7. Hottest Booth Babe – From some auto booth (Pictured above)

That’s all I can get out now, I’m sure we will have ruminants of CES here for a few more weeks. Now I need to rest up for MacWorld.

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