Motorola tries again with the ROKR E2

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Moto ROKR E2We’re all hoping for Motorola’s sake that their ROKR E2 will do better than the E1. Unlike its past version, the E2 will not have iTunes built-in, and therefore will not have the 100 song limit placed by Apple. Instead of iTunes, it will run Motorola’s iRadio Music Service… a daring move on their part (If anything, the sales of the E1 were due to the fact that it had iTunes on it). The system is Linux-based, so it will allow you to run software like Opera and an e-mail client. The phone has the usual specs of phones these days with Bluetooth, USB 2.0 connectivity, built-in FM Radio, and an SD memory card slot for all of your expansion needs (up to 2GB). Music phones are the norm this season, so unless Motorola offers something new, I don’t see how people are going to be interested in the ROKR this time around. But maybe that’s just me. It will hit the market sometime in the first half of this year.

[via Cameraphone Focus]

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