WTFH: Fingerprint checks everywhere

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‘WTFH’ is a column about the future of technology. Adam Berger contributes ‘WTFH’ to Gadgetell every week.

Fingerprint scannerWithin five years’ time, consultancy firm Accenture is predicting that major banks across the globe could be using fingerprint biometric security to revolutionize branch banking. They also expect RFID to migrate to banks.

Customers would be automatically identified by the RFID-encrypted card in their wallet as they pass through the door, prompting a personalized welcome to flash up on a computer screen. By the time the customer reaches the counter all his or her details are on the screen of the teller, who can discuss specific requirements without asking a lot of redundant questions.

All you would then need to do is sign in with your fingerprint to have full access to your account.

This of sounds all nice and pretty until with start getting thousands of bank accounts and identities compromised and people are walking around missing a finger (because it has been cut off and stolen). Hasn’t anyone watched Minority Report?

Citing the issues with the RFID MasterCard and Amex cards (where people can steal your signal and hence gain access to your account), I am going to guess this takes longer than expected.


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