Rumor: Cisco to acquire TiVo

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TiVoAs we reported to you previously, Cisco has announced that they are going to expand their consumer electronics division. Up until now, we have seen them acquire Scientific Atlanta and Linksys, will TiVo be next?

There have not been talks of this action taking place yet; it just seems to work well. TiVo, while widely known, has some problems that Cisco can certainly help to solve. However, this would also compete with their Scientific Atlanta purchase. However, if you really think about it, Cisco knows networking. What other companies/products could benefit from built in networking/streaming: gaming machines, printers, digital cameras, audio products, and video servers.

“If you want to figure out where we are going, just look at the building blocks we are already assembling,” Stevens said. “The elements we already have in the portfolio provide us key capabilities that fit into an end-to-end solution.”

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