TiVo Super Bowl ad report

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Small Super Bowl XLWhile we are all used to using TiVo (or Google Video) to replay parts of a TV show or skip over commercial that was not the case during last Sunday’s Super Bowl. TiVo released their Super Bowl analysis compiled from a sampling of data from 10,000 boxes. On average, TiVo viewers hit rewind, replay, or pause more than 100 times during the broadcast.

TiVo says: The list of top 10 most replayed ads in TiVo households included:

  1. Ameriquest – Friendly Skies
  2. Ameriquest – That Killed Him
  3. Budweiser – Streaking Sheep
  4. Fed Ex – Caveman
  5. Michelob – Touch Football
  6. Bud Light – Hidden Bud Lights
  7. Sierra Mist – Kathy Griffin
  8. Bud Light – Bear Attack
  9. Aleve – Leonard Nimoy
  10. Bud Light – Revolving Wall

Check these ads and more out on Google Video.

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