Sprint offers unlimited calling to your home and office

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SprintSprint announced yesterday two new offerings that allow you to call your house (Sprint to Home) and your office (Sprint Mobile to Office) without deducting minutes from your plan. I’m not one to talk (since I have virtually unlimited calling), but is this that big of a deal? The service works by you having to pre-register numbers for your account. It seems that you’re only allowed 1 home number and 1 office number. So if you’re planning on calling home to the “kid’s line,” you may want to make sure they pick up the main line.

The Sprint to Home service will run you an extra $5 per month and Sprint Mobile to Office will run you (or your company) an extra $8 per month. They also plan on extending the office service to allow you to pre-define a range of up to 30,000 landline numbers. Sprint, you’re amazing.

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