Micro-soft to drive HARD into the handheld gaming Industry

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Microsoft portable gaming device

Nintendo has been DS’d, the iPod has been NONO’d and now PSP will be PEACED, as Microsoft makes way to infiltrate the handheld gaming industry. Already an active contributor to the gaming console world with its next generation Xbox 360, Vice President J Allard and others employees of Microsoft plan to compete against the gaming companies above by combining all of our tech luxuries into one wonderful device. The proposed device will play movies games and music…and if it follows the footsteps of PSP and DS, hackers will find a way to turn it into another portable PDA.

With the introduction of the Origami; Microsoft’s new mini-sized laptops, and talk about this new handheld gaming device, it leads many consumers to wonder what might be next for the tech giant. Any suggestions? Maybe Microsoft will infiltrate the Washing Machine industry and come out with a mini washer that plays music while it washes, or maybe they will infiltrate the cereal industry. I can see it now…Introducing the new GigaBite Cereal with kilobyte marsh mellows from Microsoft, and you can’t forget the prize for the kids….okay I’ve gone too far.

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