Mitsubishi laser TV in 2007

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Mitsubishi laser TV

If all of the other display technologies (Plasma, LCD, SED, Carbon Nanotube, and OLED) were not enough, Mitsubishi has announced that they are working on the first Laser projection TV. Instead of white-light mercury lamps, a Laser TV uses a red, blue and green laser to generate images. The advantages are bright and deep images on large, thin, lightweight screens.

The screens will be so lightweight that the need for frames will be significantly lessened giving the television a cleaner, practically all-screen look. Additionally, the solid-state lasers will greatly outlast lamps meaning that the lasers should last for the set’s lifetime (as compared to Plasmas).

Mitsubishi will show a 52 inch Laser TV Mitsubishi laser television later today and the first commercial Laser HDTV will go on sale in 2007.

Via [I4U]

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