Store and play movies on your Nintendo DS

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Nintendo DSThanks to Datel’s MAX Media Player add-on pack the Nintendo DS can become almost as versatile as Sony’s PSP, when talking about media abilities. The pack features a movie, photo and music-compatible media player that slips into the game cartridge slot and a 4GB hard drive that fits in the GBA game slot, the pack lets you store 10 full length movies on your console. You can get media files (or any files, in fact) on to the hard disk by hooking it up to your PC via USB cable. An included bit of PC software also converts movie files and re-sizes photos so that they display correctly on the DS’s screen.

The MAX Media Player will be available before the end of the month, priced at around £130.

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  • Neet

    When will this divce be available in the United States.