Talk on Skype using your home phone

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According to the Google translation, Japanese to English, this is what e-Let’s SK-ADP does.

“When the Skype is utilized, usually connecting the headphone to the personal computer, you converse. Because of that when it comes to the point of always conversing before the personal computer, it compares with the fact that the cordless phone has generalized there is a surface which is inferior to comfort.”

With an additional translation, it means that you can use your home-based wired telephone to make calls using Skype. Basically, the SK-ADP connects to your computer via USB, and the telephone connects to your home phone wiring and the phone. Then you can use your regular corded or cordless phone at home to call through Skype.

Here are the translated instructions to make the USB connection:

Installation very simplicity! “Or it does, you connect ease” to the USB port of the personal computer, moduration of the telephone line and the telephone field for home it just is inserted. Because it operates with bus power connection, it can install easily even in the place where it does not have the electrical outlet.

I think it means that you plug the USB cord into the computer and the SK-ADP. Regardless, the SK-ADP should be a best seller.


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