Tekkeon juices your iPod

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TekkeonCompanies are finally realizing that white accessories don’t match black iPods. Tekkeon just announced a limited edition black version of its myPower. The unit is a rechargeable battery and portable dock for iPods that provides more than nine hours of extra video playback and up to 42 hours of extended music playback.

In addition to the extra battery power, myPower for iPod includes high-speed FireWire and USB 2.0 ports to sync iPod using standard FireWire or USB cables (included), a line out port for connection of iPod to a stereo or external speakers, and a bonus 5V charging output to simultaneously charge a mobile phone or any device that requires up to 5V, while powering iPod.

All models come with a USB 2.0 cable for downloading music, five sets of sizing pads to accommodate the different iPod models, a clip for the iPod mini, and a user guide. These will run you about $69.95.

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