Spy on your kids as they cruise

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drivesyncParents, want a way to track your kids while the cruise around in your Beemer? DriveSync from Intelligent Mechatronic Systems is a easy to use device that tracks the location and speed of a vehicle. The DriveSync data is uploaded to a PC via the USB port and generates maps of where, how fast, and how aggressively (not sure what that means) the car is driven. This technology is no longer limited to government spying now for just $330 at Target you can spy on your kids.

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  • keith jacobs

    looking to gps my car when my kids take it and also monitor their phones and or video the interrior of my car with out them knowing

    any ideas?

  • GPS Trackers

    Great blog, great info! Did not realize that target sold GPS Trckers. keep up the good work

  • banther bellini

    yeeah my suggestion is go back to hitlers 3rd reich you neo con fascist , you should trust your kids or not let them use your things