A rant about Optimum Online port 25

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Optimum OnlineOver the past seven months we have tried to keep the site as objective as possible and report the facts, often confirming rumors with companies prior to posting them — if they don’t reject the rumor we post it. I have also stayed clear from turning the site into a personal blog or outpost for rants and/or raves about company experiences. Unfortunately, I am extremely fed-up and am going to use this post as a short rant about Optimum Online. If you are interested click on, if not I apologize and will make sure to wash my mouth out with soap after I am done.

I have been a subscriber of Optimum Online in New Jersey ever since the internet was available over cable lines. Monthly bills have only increased over the years and the speeds have yet to improve (unless you want to pay more). I also at times have spotty speeds and face the inherent issues of cable, Thursday nights the speeds are extremely slow since everyone in town has their TVs on. My most recent problem deals with port 25.

What is port 25? Port 25 is a very commonly used port for email servers to send email via Outlook (port 25=smtp). When moving our offices over the weekend I moved back to NJ and hooked up my PC to the internet. Like times past when I was in for a weekend or so I could only receive email not send it. Now that I will be working from here I need my outgoing mail server (it does not do much to be able to receive but not send). So I began to research this issue. It turns out that Optimum Online (as well as some other ISPs) block port 25, so you can not send email from non ISP addresses.

Thanks to the power of blogs I see that this issues started a while back. Howard Greenstein blogged about this issue back on August 29, 2004. Like I did today, he contact Optimum Online and asked about the problem. They said to both him and I that this was implemented to block spam and protect the integrity of their servers. Now I just finished business school and I heard about integrity for four years, and let me tell you, it has nothing to do with servers (yes, I know the word has multiple meanings). Regardless, I have the option of paying an extra $9.99 per month to remedy this problem.

Oh wait, you can solve this ‘problem’? How surprising that it will cost me an additional charge of $120 per year to solve this. Now I do have the option of changing my outgoing mail server to the Optimum server address ( but then my emails will appear as spam to the recipient because the server and email address names do not match). For now I will take the less expensive option because I cannot warrant paying even more for internet.

Hey Opt, ever hear of a spam blocker? Check these out.

Where is Google with free wireless nationwide internet when i need them…

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  • aic007

    I hear ya, getting fed up with Opt myself. I've had it since the mid 90's when it first hit LI and it was great when no one had it but now the service is horrid. I get a letter in the mail the other day to switch to Optimum Boost for up to 30megs a sec and chart showing regular Opt cable @ 15megs. I barely get 3 so should I get a refund? I am patiently waiting for FIOS to hit my 'hood so I can drop that 50 bucks a month from an already ridiculous cable bill and maybe little Jimmy will concentrate on improving service with all these price increases and not on those god awful Knicks.

  • Carol

    Wow, thanks! I'm on a business trip now and was baffled that I couldn't send my optonline mail from Outlook Express. It wasn't until your blog here that I found out the true answer. Ugh, I guess I'll copy and paste all my outgoing emails into optonline's webmail …..
    Thanks again!

  • trevor khurana

    I recently made a rather "stupid" move by switching to Cablevision's Optimum online , having already cable news/TV teature and Optimum online modem..It tool 3 service calls to fix thngs up, and today i received my 1st invoice 4 Times more than expected..A complete rip off.They charged me for 2 phone lines and 2 modems to start with, not to mention so many extras that were never ever told/mentioned in any paperwork..
    I plan to take them to small claims court and make sure that this is given publicity, in order to have them adopt a fair business policy

  • Oleg Baben.

    I have dealt with this problem many times, and have found only a signal solution which is using port number: 587

  • ab

    >I have dealt with this problem many times, and have found only a signal solution which is using port number: 587

  • ab

    Port 26 works as well

  • NB

    How do you change the port? Is it difficult?

  • Steve

    Yes, I too have been an Optimum online customer for 10 years nows. I can't wait for Verizon Fios to get to Brooklyn so we can drop these Monoplistic Bastards. They have controled by bandwidth by limited my upload speeds. I'm a very curtious user. I run my uploads in the middle of the night. They still limit me unless I want to pay for a T1 line. They told me They only provide connection to the web not bandwidth. That's like saying we are only allowed to use the street with our if no one is on the road. because we might create traffic.

    Cablevision is going to die just like AT&T;. Hello Verizon

  • Willy

    i've had more "web page cannot be displayed" that i want to remember-my wife's DSL(verizon) is a pleasure to use-up to five times faster than Opt.
    i've contacted customer service and i get the same answer,contact your pc manufacturer.
    big difference from when i had Opt.before and now. asking more $ but consumer getting less.
    where is this 5x faster than DSL?
    carpe diem

  • Gregory Hovagim

    FYI – As suggested Port # 587 was perfect!! I tried several different ports and dozens of firewall settings… I put everything back to its original condition, changed the port # from 25 to 587 and it worked. Thanks guys!

  • Mike

    This PORT 25 thing I've been living with for almost 10 years also, hosting websites + trying to SEND OUT emails with a OOL connection from a mail client installed in Windows just does not work due to the blocking.

    But it is literally my only complaint about OOL, business wise, it is just a small expense that pays itself off rather quickly, I save TONS of money by not even watching TV anymore. They tried to pull some funny business like, take away our free movie tickets and other goodies because we tried to consolodate my business line with my parents TV/PHONE/CABLE and surprisingly it cost MORE and we lost the "triple play." Gay, and worse yet, the tech botched the install, which was really moving one wire to the other modem (from the outside though), and I had to have this other on call guy come and "chill" with me for a few hours til like 3AM waiting for the main office's changes to catch. That was fun, I felt like offering him a beer. But beyond that, what else can you complain about if you haven't actually tried other services like I have. To me the only option in my town is OOL, period, the next town over its COMCAST, which sucks worse and costs more.

    And don't get me started on Verizon. Here is a company that has managed to be the worst in every field it enters except maybe for Voice, but everybody has a cell phone company these days so who cares. We're talking internet and I switched to FIOS for a few months and it was complete garbage, and thank God I got in before they started charging like $400 cancellation fee. Verizon's entire internet division is an afterthought and designed to entrap you into "putting more fiber in your life" I'll stick to my cereal and salads, thanks Verizon. Fiber Optic? LOL, I remember saying to the tech when he was installing my since cancelled FIOS, "dude, the line going to my modem is copper, like, where's the fiber optic, I was expecting some sort of upgrade from the norm?"

    "Oh, its on the street and goes right to your house."

    My heart kinda sank at that moment, because, what's the point of having a "fiber optic" network (which is capped per user anyway) when the information bottlenecks into the slower copper wire when entering my house. His confused look and complete lack of a response told me volumes about how Verizon's new FIOS internet venture was going to work for me without even turning on my computer to try it out.

    Look, for all the S— I've gone through with OOL, I am beside myself actually defending them, but I'm only comparing it to our other options, I really emplore anyone thar reads this to AVOID FIOS altogether, you will have thanked me. I'd go one further and say if you REALLY want to stop complaining altogether about your internet speed and high bills, and I'm not being fecicious, move to South Korea or the Netherlands, you can get T1 connections in your house there, America, these corporations got you be the cajones thanks largely to your congress and government which passed laws that allows only specific companies coverage in specific areas NO COMPETITION besides wonderful FIOS in my area, and satellite of course, I HAVE to use OOL, like, I just have to.

    I used to live with my parents, had a business class line from OOL which was great, moved literally 1 mile away to my own apartment and COULD NOT MOVE THE SETUP WITH ME because that was "COMCAST TERRITORY" and Comcast is kinda like OOL, same equipment, same lines, except different options, no business class like with OOL especially not for the price, and the line was really slow out of the box. They made me pay for an "upgrade" like the fastest one they offered. So, I had to pay alot more than what OOL charged just to get Esignal charts working, they had to widen my bandwidth for a special fee. If anyone out there trades Forex or Stocks, you know its all about getting data feeds to your charts to see whats going on, well, Comcast was NEVER on point with this, always seemed to be some sort of bandwidth bottleneck preventing charts from loading sometimes. What nonsense compared to OOL where this NEVER happened unless the entire line was down (just reboot modem to fix). I actually moved back with my parents and have not had a single complaint yet, except for getting less chicks that want to come back here. I know its costly but $75 for internet, 5 ips, I even ran two computers as Windows 2003 servers and hosted websites! Try that with FIOS, they'll S— on you, laugh at you, cancel your account, and hit you with a penalty fee, lol, host a website with fios…. haha

    But honestly, my OOL line is crazy fast compared to anything I've ever had, like, sometimes up to 6megs down, true speed, not 6mbps, 6 mega bytes of crap downloading at once! FIOS was never that fast or at least I never found a server fast enough to send at those speeds with it. When I go to my girlfriends house with Verizon DSL, im lucky if I can get 60 kb down.

    Good luck with FIOS, OOL is the lesser of two evils, bottom line. Is Port 25 worth it?

  • kerry

    can somone here help me with this.
    optimum online just changed my ip affress. whats the big deal??
    the ip address they just gave me along with a dhcp client is a changing ip. so what??
    te ip address i had befor they changed my ip was a static ip
    i know this because of whats in my domain setup and it is displayed in websites
    once i did a whats my ip at a optimum speed testing site. it showed my
    ip and type. now i got a changing ip that never expires
    the dhcp keeps renewing it. they are outright lying to me they say i never had a static ip
    so its set up my word agenst theres. i remember two years ago when you get optimum
    boost and a domain you get a static ip. if anyone else here remembers that to it
    will help me have a case agenst optimum online.. anyone… i bookedmark this site
    ill be looking if anyone can help