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Trade in Palm TreoLooking to replace your Treo 600 or 650 with one of the new 700 models? Or how about getting some cash for that old Handspring or Sony handheld? Why trash it when you can cash it. Palm is offering a trade in program whereas you send them your old model along with the purchase receipt after you purchase a new model via the Plam website and they will send you cool hard cash. Now who doesn’t love that!

Don’t just send your old handheld or smartphone to the trash bin. Put it to good use—saving you money on a new one with the Palm Trade-In Program. Not only will you save your former electronics from the landfill, you’ll save money on hot new products that you can actually use. But the best part? It’s unbelievably easy!

  1. Get a quote:visit
  2. Tell us about the product you want to trade
  3. We’ll give you a quote (including shipping costs)
  4. If you accept the quote, just give us a little more information and we’ll send you a prepaid shipping label
  5. Order a new smartphone or handheld from the Treo Store within 30 days
  6. Ship old device and receive your check

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