AIM Phoneline celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Buddy List

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AIM PhonelineIt seems like time did not exist before buddy lists and instant messaging, but my grandmother claims it did and pre-teens today may one day ask, “What a landline?” On the 10th anniversary of the buddy list AOL has introduced their new VoIP calling solution, AIM Phoneline. AIM Phoneline is a new service that offers all AIM users a free, local phone number to receive unlimited incoming calls online through AIM. The new service also offers free online voicemail. As a complement to its free benefits, AIM Phoneline also offers an easy upgrade for those who make lots of calls and want greater flexibility and outbound calling capacity, such as long distance families, long distance cell phone users, and small/home businesses.

AIM Phoneline Unlimited includes unlimited calling in the US, Canada, and more than 30 international destinations for one low fixed monthly fee. In addition to enhanced PC-based call management capabilities, it also offers industry-compliant, nomadic E911 support that will enable AIM Phoneline users to reach emergency services regardless of their location.

Plantronics has also released a new headset that supports Aim Phoneline.

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