Sprint and MyFoodPhone help you track your daily food intake

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MyFoodPhoneBack in May, MyFoodPhone was introduced as a way to visually capture what you eat by using your Sprint picture phone. The service allows Sprint users to send a picture of their food to a nutritional advisor on a daily basis. For a fee of $9.99, the subscriber will receive information on a biweekly from their nutritional advisor. According to Sprint’s press release, the service’s unique food journaling application helps consumers eat healthier by recommending they adjust their food intake. Professional Nutritional Advisors staff the web site.

MyFoodPhone Nutrition, Inc “is a mobile-health application service provider. Its flagship product is MyFoodPhone, a camera-phone food-journaling feedback service. MyFoodPhone is the world’s first service that links individuals with their own nutrition coaches and advisors. The company has also developed other mobile health, wellness, and medical devices and software packages that are in the process of being deployed throughout the world.”

We can’t tell how many customers they have, but the web site is full of functionality and features, including nutritional studies and also includes testimonials. If food is a particular evil in your life and you are having trouble keeping it under control, then $9.99 per month may be worth it. The customers included in the testimonials think the web site is well worth it…but hey, that’s what testimonials are for.

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