Audio guides on your iPod, Meraviglioso!

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When traveling through Europe or even at museums here in the US the tour guide is now part of ancient history. Everywhere I toured in Italy, Prague, Germany…I had the option to purchase a audio guide or to brows without really knowing what was I was seeing. Figuring I was only here once I opted for the guide. iAudioguides is an even more convenient option. Guides of several tourism destinations can be downloaded from the Internet, and listen to in devices like a PDA, iPod, or other MP3 players. Currently, three main European cities (Barcelona, London and Paris) are available for free download, letting you skip the lines and pesky audio guides. The audio guides cover essential facts, entertaining information and insider knowledge on interesting tourist sights in the word’s most popular cities.

You do not have to register, just download them for free, until later cheers!

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