Belkin TuneStage streams your music

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Belkin TuneStage

The Belkin TuneStage is a brand new device that allows you to play the music from your iPod nano through your home stereo wirelessly via Bluetooth v1.2 for up to 33 feet. With a transmitter connected to your iPod nano and a receiver wired to your system, TuneStage offers all the tunes without the clutter of cables. Once connected your nano becomes the remote, allowing you to control what you want to listen to. The receiver connects via RCA or 3.5mm outputs to your home stereo system. A mini-USB port under the transmitter offers the added convenience of charging your device while in use, since it drains your batteries (and drops the play time down to 6 hours of use).

TuneStage for iPod nano will ship in North America in July 2006, with launches in Asia, Europe, and Australia to follow for $179.99.

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