Gmail to Support FedEx, USPS

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GmailFor those of you that do not know Gmail currently scans your emails for multiple reasons. First off, to offer text relevant ads from Google Adsense (they have to figure some way to provide over 2 GB of free email). But also to offer recommendations such as mapping a location when it sees and address and providing a quick line to UPS tracking when a tracking number exists.

Garett Rogers discovered that Google plans to offer a way for packages from FedEx and the USPS (United States Postal Service) to be tracked within Gmail. Based on Gmail’s current source code, Gmail will soon be able to detect FedEx and USPS tracking numbers within e-mails. Rogers also noted that Gmail will also be able to detect products in messages and link to them on their respectful Froogle pages. This would allow Google to send legitimate promotional email to a customer about a product, and allow users to see lower prices right within Gmail.

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