Picture this: Picasa for Linux

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Picasa LogoLet’s say you happily use Linux, but you sometimes find yourself wishing you had access to interesting new apps that launch for Windows but not Linux. And maybe, like a lot of us, you have a lot of photos stored on your personal machine, and you’ve read about or even tried Google’s photo organizer, Picasa. But using it means switching to Windows, even temporarily. We know–thanks but no thanks.

Well, we’ve got you covered, because Google launches launched Picasa for Linux on Google Labs. It incorporates nearly all the features of the current Windows version of Picasa, providing you with the tools you need to easily find, edit, and share the photos on your computer. And because it runs on a carefully tested version of Wine, Picasa avoids the slowing effects of an OS emulation or a virtual machine.

Via [Google Blog]

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