Nintendo announced Wii Virtual Console pricing

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Nintendo WiiNintendo President Saturo Iwata spoke yesterday at a Japanese marketing event. We’re guessing that he had too many drinks because he revealed the pricing for Wii’s “virtual console” pricing and the Wii’s relationship with the DS. Iwata revealed that games for Nintendo’s “virtual console” that will allow Wii owners to play old titles on their consoles will be priced at Â¥500 and Â¥1,000, roughly US$4.50 to US$8.99. For reference, classic retro games for the Nintendo GameBoy sold for upwards of US$35 for some titles, US$19.99 for others.

Microsoft’s offering is about equal to Nintendo’s falling around $5-10 per game. Sony’s PS3 will actually support and play old game discs of PS2, so essentially there is no charge (start subtracting all your games x $5 from the PS3 price to make yourself feel better).

Iwata talked up the Wii’s capabilities in terms of DS connectivity, including the ability to share demos and the fact that the DS could also be used as a touch screen controller for Wii games. He also hinted that future DS games will be able to be played on the Wii, with added or expanded content as a teaser.

Iwata said the launch date and final pricing for the Wii will not be announced until September.

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