Gadgetell First Look: Google Spreadsheets Beta

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Google Spreadsheets
We announced Google Spreadsheets but didn’t offer any real information, so here you go… Google Spreadsheets enables people to create simple web-based spreadsheets that others can simultaneously update from their own computers. It’s a free, secure service that will save people the hassle of manually consolidating spreadsheets from others. You can import and export of .xls and .csv formatted data, work in formulas to the cells as well as auto-calculate results, like Excel.

Google Spreadsheets lets people create web-based spreadsheets that anyone in the group can simultaneously update from his or her own computer. In particular, it has the following benefits:

  1. Share spreadsheets instantly & collaborate real-time – Pick exactly who can access your spreadsheets.
  2. Edit your spreadsheets from anywhere – Nothing to download.
  3. Store your spreadsheets securely online – Offsite storage plus multi-site data backup.
  4. Easy to use. – Import your current spreadsheets to get started quickly.

After a couple of days of using the beta (yes we got a Google invite :), our overall impression is only ‘eh.’ Though it is nice to have your spreadsheet accessible at all times via the internet and your Google account, this is the least disturbing (as in changing the tech industry) product Google has released in a long time.

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