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Nokia 111 conceptAlready started shopping for your 4G or 5G mobile phone, expected to hit in 2015 and 2050, respectively? Nokia just held a phone design contest in London where students from Central St Martins College of Art and Design but their creativity to the test including designs featuring phones with necklaces, form-factors the size of credit cards, a model that doubles as sunglasses, a device for the security conscious that can be worn around the finger (like a ring), and more.

The winning design (pictured above) was created by Daniel Meyer, for a candy bar device whose lower portion swivels to allow the phone to sit in a freestanding right angle and act as a picture frame. The sleek little handset also includes a trackball, enabling it to act like a mouse.

Meyer said: “What interested me was the human side of things. It’s all about people – technology is made to serve us, not the other way around. Simplicity is beauty.”

The devices are now on show at the Future of Mobile Design exhibition at London’s Air Gallery and will at some point in time be found in a store near you.

Check out this video of the winning design [Shiny Shiny]
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