Carbonite offers unlimited storage for $5 per month

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There is a major problem with many of the online storage solutions out there…it will cost more than a new hard drive to store hundreds of gigs of data. Carbonite is a internet start up that is looking to store your data without storing your bank account. For only $5 per month you can store as much data as you like to their online servers.

Recently we started using them as well for Gadgetell and find the service to be extremely easy. Once we marked which folders we wanted to be backed up we can visually see the status of the storage process (color coded files depending if it had been backed up or not). Carbonite can then restore your files at the click of a button, no matter where you are. They deliver about 10-15 GB of data a day, not too bad considering the size. With one click you are on your way.

Currently the software is being sold $49.95 for one year and $89.95 for 2 years; the $4.95 option is currently unavailable. Click here to get started with a free 15 day trial.

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