Samsung Blu-ray player NOT DELAYED

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Blu-rayIn a time for delays upon delays, whether we are talking about driving through the suburbs or new electronic product releases, it is nice to hear a reaffirming launch date. Samsung, despite rumors, on Gizmodo, Pocket-lint, and i4u Samsung will not be delaying the release of its upcoming Blu-ray drive, the BD-P1000, according to Jim Sanduski, senior vice president of marketing for the Digital Video& Audio group at Samsung. This was reported by Gearlog editors Don Costa. Samsung plans to release the player in the U.S. in June, in Korea in July, and in Europe in September.

Sanduski says thousands of units are on their way to retailers in the U.S. for floor demonstrations right now. The player will be on sale on June 25 for about $1,000 and will be the first BD players available for sale in the US. Sony is also only days away from releasing their first movies for the players.

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